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Eye Care

Routine eye care with emphasis on diabetes, glaucoma, retina, macular degeneration & other medical conditions of the eye. In some cases multiple procedures might be available for your correction. This is where the experience of the physician is important.

Phakic Implants (ICL)

For moderate to severe nearsightedness, phakic implants (ICL) are lenses implanted in the eye while the healthy natural lens remains in place. This can be an alternative for patients who do not qualify for laser vision correction due to high levels of nearsightedness or very thin corneas.

Laser Vision Correction

LASIK or Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis reshapes the cornea by removing tissue beneath the surface of the cornea. LASIK combines the accuracy of the Excimer Laser with the benefits of Lamellar Keratoplasty (LK). LASIK is performed on an outpatient basis and takes only a few minutes.

Dr Ronald Friedman - Opthalmologist Monterey CA

Meet Dr. Friedman

Dr. Ronald A. Friedman is a board-certified ophthalmologist specializing in Laser Vision Correction, Custom Wavefront LASIK, PRK, Epi-K, CK, Phakic ICL’s, Cataract surgery and Cataract surgery with Advanced Premium Lifestyle Lenses. He also treats glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetes and other medical eye conditions and diseases.

Patient Testimonials

My LASIK surgery was one of the best things I have ever done. It is so wonderful to see when you woke up in the morning free from glasses and contact lenses. I remember looking at the clock on the wall immediately following surgery and even thought I felt like I was under water. I could see what time it was clearly! It was amazing!

Barbara L., 50 years old Venture CapitalistPatient

The experience was so fast and easy it feels like a happy daydream. Dr. Friedman and his staff made the experience very positive, warm, educational, secure and successful. Other than being born and meeting my fiancé, LASIK is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Don’t hesitate-Do It! You’ll be ecstatic and healthier.

Laurence Verga, 39 years old self-employed Real Estate DeveloperPatient

I wouldn’t consider myself the typical patient in regards to my pre-operative jitters and extreme anxiety. The doctor, staff and assistants immediately recognized my need for extra “TLC” and sat and discussed the procedure with me until I left feeling all my concerns were answered. I have has a terrific experience with my LASIK surgery. Hats off!! for a job well done.

Diana V., 40 years old Office Manager of Vucina ConstructionPatient

I feel that I am so free with my new vision. Everybody in the office is very helpful and friendly. I enjoyed my procedure. Actually, it was very relaxing and comfortable. I thank Dr. Friedman and his staff for all the work they have done for me.

Whitney Ning, 36 years old Management ConsultantPatient